About Us

Siricom Technology is an international open market distributor exclusively of Surface Mount Chip components. Founded in 1993, we are the first people to introduce Surface Mount Chip components across South India in Rupee payment. Our customer base includes OEMs, Space, Defence, Healthcare, Automobiles etc., as well as many contract manufacturers. Over the years, Siricom itself established as one of the preeminent specialty distributor for SMDs.

Siricom Technology stocks broad array of SMD actives and SMD semiconductor product lines. The company specializes in a wide variety of passives from 0201 to 2512 size chip resistors, 0201 size to 2225 size chip capacitors, Chip tantalums from A case to V case, chip inductors from 0402 to 1812.SMD semi -conductors of SOT 23, SMA, SMB, SMC, D pack, D2 PACK, SMD ICs, of SOT 353,SOIC, SSOP packages etc., From reputed manufacturers across the Globe.

Siricom Technology having policy of introducing every year at least two types of SMD components for India Design Engineers after through study and analysis market requirements  while taking care of prices of SMDs on comparison with TH parts, availability of equivalents, delivery and regular supply these components. An effort in this direction has made components recent years to stock and sell of SMD Power Inductors, SMD xtals both 2pin and ceramic 4pin. High wattage SMD resistors, SMD Buzzer etc.,

Siricom Technology assures high quality components, sanctity of make, part number, specs, are maintained all the time even for cut reel components in the present scenario of components market.

An advantage the customers can have with SIRICOM is that, they get wide range of SMD components in single GO/PO, which saves lots of procurement time and money.